About Us

At Ooobox, we love the beautiful things in life, such as fashion, accessories, good food, delicious drinks, cosmetics, unusual ideas and beautiful decorations.

And it is precisely this passion that we have turned into a profession, because we think it's great when you can send loving gifts to your loved ones with just a few mouse clicks. Because not everyone has time to walk through town or click through umpteen online shops to find the right gift for friends and family. You often lack the ideas, the necessary materials for packaging and the time to take the whole thing to the post office.

And that's where we at Ooobox come in.

We are constantly looking for unusual ideas for our boxes and are happy to buy them from local suppliers, small manufacturers and producers who trade fairly.

We then pack these lovely products into our gift boxes with special themes. On our site you will actually find a nice gift that tells a little story for every occasion (from joy to sadness) and every budget (from €19 to €99).

The box is rounded off by a personal text and a card that you can select and "describe" on the page. We write the text on the card by hand and give it a particularly personal touch :-)

Finally, we send the ooobox - either to you and you can hand over the box personally or directly to the lucky recipient (also on the desired date).

And because we really like giving gifts and believe that it's the little details that make a gift a real experience, we pack with absolute care and love. Depending on the ooobox, we add small accessories such as confetti for birthdays, cinnamon sticks at Christmas time, cones in autumn or shells in summer to our packages. So you can be sure that your package is not standard and boring, but pure LOVE and CARE (that's why we called the brand ooobox - with love and care! The ooo, by the way, stands for the joy of unpacking ;-) )

The attention to detail begins with the packaging (here we have opted for environmentally friendly outer boxes and adhesive tape made of paper), which becomes a real eye-catcher with small stickers and is almost snatched from the postman's hand. The selection of the ooobox itself was almost a real doctoral thesis - and we are glad to have found such great boxes. We think they are so beautiful that even after unpacking they will often be reused (e.g. for photos, letters, souvenirs, lonely socks, or whatever else you can think of) and are therefore correspondingly sustainable.

In the blog or on the individual product pages you will always find a bit of background information about the selected products: where does the salt come from, what is particularly good for cooking with it, how was the coffee grown, where does the soap come from and what does it do particularly....

Our goal is to always pack creative ideas and give you new opportunities to surprise your loved ones. Because especially in times of Corona, we are required to keep our distance, although we would much rather hug. With our boxes, we try to overcome the distance and send greetings all over Germany!

Incidentally, we would be very happy if you would tell us about your experiences with the ooobox... Also as an unwrapping video, which we would be happy to put on the site, or photos of your happy friends. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram...

If you are professionally looking for suitable boxes, for example for business friends, employees, customers or events, we also put together very individual oooboxes - also with your own branding!

Feel free to visit us regularly and find new inspiration for you and your loved ones.

And if you have special requests or suggestions, we always have an open ear. Together we can certainly fulfill most wishes....

A warm greeting from Cologne

Your ooobox team